IPs and Locations

Statusoid is a website monitoring system that helps online business to keep an eye on up time, security and performance of their website.

Our checks are made from different locations from all over the World. Please see detailed description below.


If the monitoring works well for you, there is no need to take any actions. But, if you face problems, there is a chance that the IPs used to complete our checks are blocked by your hosting provider.

Please make sure that you whitelist our IPs so that any requests that Statusoid send are not blocked.

Our IPs and Locations

Our monitoring locations and nodes are in different countries/continents to verify down statuses.

Here are all the IPs and Location used:

  • – unn-46-234-109-134.superhosting.cz.
  • – 83-167-240-243.static.masterinter.net.
  • – unn-46-234-109-135.superhosting.cz.
  • – sdu-do-london-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – li1094-8.members.linode.com.
  • –
  • – sdw-do-london-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – ec2-35-157-98-140.eu-central-1.compute.amazonaws.com.
  • – static.
  • – static.
  • – vector.dangibbs.uk.
  • – sdw-do-newyork-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-linode-dallas-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-vultr-chicago-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-linode-sanfrancisco-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-host1plus-saopaulo-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-linode-singapore-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-vultr-sydney-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – sdw-vultr-tokyo-1.statusdroid.net.
  • – ec2-13-127-88-50.ap-south-1.compute.amazonaws.com.

If you prefer the list in .txt format you can download it below.

If have any questions, feel free to contact us.