Monitor, manage & maintain your online business
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Monitoring tool which will help manage your online business, keep you updated, automatically pauses running PPC ads and notifies your social networks.

Join over 2000 websites in our monitoring today. 

Let’s make Statusoid your website’s new best friend forever!

Protection for your online business

Security & Performance

Put your website through its paces with our health check and global uptime website monitoring

Auto-Pause PPC Ads

Stop wasting money on ads to a broken website by automatically pausing your campaigns when outages occur

Social Media Notifications

Keep your customers up to date automatically during downtime to help manage your brand reputation

Why Statusoid?

Intuitive Dashboard

Everything in one place. Choose which part of the world you want your website to be monitored and discover issues in the blink of an eye.

Security and Performance Checklist

Our monitoring will take your website through its paces so you can rest easy in the knowledge that every symptom of an outdated WordPress or ageing SSL certificate is discovered right away.

Auto-Pause PPC Ads

Why waste money on adverts which link to an unreachable website? Let Statusoid automatically pause your Facebook and Google PPC ads when an outage occurs and then resume them hassle free. 

Connect in a click and we’ll do the rest.

Social Media Notifications​

Customer satisfaction is key. When your website goes down, it’s best to manage their expectations. Research shows that a quick and simple message about service and product issues can improve customer retention and allow you to focus on getting back online. Let us automatically protect your reputation.

Happy Customers

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$ 3
49 per website/per month
  • 1-minute uptime monitoring
  • 12 World monitoring locations
  • 4 URL monitors per 1 website
  • Unlimited Email & SMS alerts​
  • SSL & Blacklists monitoring
  • Social media notifications
  • PDF monthtly reports​


$ 19
99 per website/per month
  • Everything in Basic
  • +
  • Broken links check
  • Daily website audits
  • Unlimited SMS and Phone alerts​
  • Auto-pausing Google & Facebook ads
  • Social media notifications with no ads
  • Receive all new features
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  • Everything in Pro
  • +
  • Whitelabel PDF reports
  • Tailor-made website checks
  • Multiple user accounts
  • and more...


How does the 14 day trial work?

Statusoid offers a free trial of website monitoring without you needing to add your card details. It’s completely free. You can choose a subscription plan at any point during the trial and pay by credit card from within your account.

What types of payment do you accept?​

For your website monitoring we accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) as well as Paypal. When you use Statusoid to monitor 10+ domains, we’ll be happy to agree on an invoice-based payment.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?​

Yes, you can. The cancellation of website monitoring will come into effect the moment your current subscription expires.

Can I add or remove websites?​

You can add or remove websites any time. Changes you make prior to the end of the current billing period will be added to the upcoming payment. 

Are notifications included in the price?​

Yes, all the notifications (SMS, phone calls, emails and Slack) are included in the price. We believe that when a problem with your website occurs, you should know about it as soon as possible.

Is there any nonprofit discount?​

Yes. If you are nonprofit and educational institution, please get in touch with us at